(Be confident about the vessel you’re buying or selling.) Get all the facts to help you make your decision. With a MAVEKS MARINE Pre-Purchase Inspection, our surveyors will examine the vessel and you’ll get an inspection report telling you about her condition and any issues you should be aware of. Then, if you’re keen to buy it, you can use the report to help you negotiate/bargain. A survey is also helpful if you’re selling, because people know they can trust a MAVEKS MARINE report.

We check holds, ventilation of the holds, hatch covers, deck equipment and general condition of the ship. By estimating problems you may experience during the ship’s chartering we offer detailed reports for you to take necessary precautions. In international maritime trade, marine fuels cause major cost for chartering and fleet management companies. To prevent our business partners from even greater losses, our expert surveys carefully make and report you on / off hire and optional bunker detection researches.

The purpose of pre-loading survey is to determine the quality and condition statusof the cargo by checking before the loading. So if there is a case of an improper condition at the result of inspections, our surveyors will inform the master of the ship and will prepare loading documents by taking necessary precautions. In our pre-loading condition survey, the emphasis is placed on the cargo-worthiness of the vessel, which is the most important item to avoid any cargo damage. In addition, successful testing of the important cargo worthiness items prior to loading commencement (instead of visual inspection only). In case, defects are found, loading is not allowed to commence by our attending surveyor and the Master is advised to perform necessary repairs until which these repairs are checked and approved.

In important export draft survey, used in order to find the weight of the water craft, especially in the loading or discharging of dry bulk transported by seaborne vehicles, starting from the principle of buoyancy of water with the help of static calculations, is a weighing method recognized internationally. We report our business partners draft survey unbiased and independantly made by our experts. Draft surveys are made in order to determine the quantity of cargo loaded, carried and discharged. This is done by measuring the vessels draft and calculating its displacement prior loading a cargo and after loading of this cargo, taking variables such as weight lightship, ballast water, fuel and stores into account.

On behalf of P&I Clubs we carry out shipboard inspections in order to establish the physical condition of the vessel and the effectiveness of the on-board management.

Port Captains/Supercargoes of our company are “oceangoing master” professionals, having many years experience in this work, they are specialists with higher marine education and sufficient practice on large capacity vessels. The main duty of Port Captain/Supercargo is to protect the clients´ interests, save their time and worn them against extra expenses. Large experience of our Port Captains/Supercargoes allows to foresee and caution the client against undesirable situation on board the ship. Constant supervision for the proper stowage, separation and lashing of the cargo is a guarantee of quick and safe cargo operations; this is a safe navigation and cargo delivery to the port of destination. Daily reports and photos with competent comments and advices will show you a real situation on board the ship.

Insurance Claim Surveys
We examine the damage and offer you through our service an impartial and professionally skilled basis for the regulation and repair of damages.
Pre-purchase Surveys
The moment you have decided to buy a yacht and you have already informed yourself about a certain yacht type and found something appropriate, it is always advisable to have your object of desire also examined by a third person. As the desire for a new yacht can easily obstruct someone’s view, an examination from an objective point of view by someone impartial is contributive with respect to avoid financial loss. Small deficiencies or minor defects, which are regarded as uncomplicated by the seller, can shown later very cost consumingly.
Valuation Surveys
A valuation survey comprises a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the yacht with regard to its condition. Beside a general examination of hull, deck, superstructure and interior as for general deficiencies and damages, the yacht will also be checked for operational readiness and savety. This survey basically corresponds to a pre-purchase survey. The difference is an additional cost related calculation of both effort and financial amount of repair works on basis of a deficiency survey.

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